Thursday, July 24, 2008

Megan and Madison - Go to the Playground!!!

So today we went to the playground! It was a new one that the girls have not been to yet. We discovered all kinds of new things...steps, slides, benches and Hop Scotch! It was a long hike for the girls and then they were so excited to be able to play, jump, swing and run when they got there that is was most deffinately NAP TIME! After lunch! Megan was the first one to go down the twisty slide! I think she just likes discovering new places. It's fun to watch both of their faces light up as our adventures continue. I can't believe it has only been a week. The beach is next watch out for many more updates and photos! We are going to have a blast!
Have a safe evening!

I think this is my favorite shot of the day! What raw emotion! They screamed and tackled me as soon as I came in the house this morning and the feeling of the wind blowing on their faces as we walked outside...I think by this point Madison just wanted to yell some more! She was having so much fun! :-)

And then last but deff not finish out our day at the playground...many kisses for mom! Twice as many is always nice!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Megan and Madison

This last one makes me smile...because even in two days I can see that this is truely their spirits coming out...Madison is the serious one alot of times looking out for her sister while still she poses for the camera sticking her tongue out at me and Megan is the one that is just happy to run play and smile, and I can usually always catch her looking at me and smiling when she doesn't think I'll catch her.

I uploaded the first ones before this one so scroll down and read on as to who my new little gems are. Check back often for new shots from Megan and Madison as well as all moy new work!

Thanks for stopping by!



Megan and Madison

So I know a few of you know about the new munchkins I am taking care of...Megan and Madison! So CUTE!!! Here are some of the first pictures I have taken of them. I was so suprised that they were stoked with taking pictures of them...and Madison was a real poser for the camera. Mom was happy that we got some good pictures of them together as well as bringing out their true attitudes. Megan has the piggie tails in her hair and Madison was happy to pose with her "Ducky".

I can't wait...Next week we go to the beach and you better believe there will be lots of pictures of them, their big sis and the rest of the crew from our week! So check back often as many of you know this blog is always getting updated...and there may be a blog in the works for Meg and Madi all just about them. I have some ideas for some really cute fairie pictures and some out on the big hay bails...if they aren't moved in the next few days.

I hope you all have a safe happy evening!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sarah & Jason - Tie the Knot!

I wanted to post a few of my favorite shots from last night. I had the honor of photographing Sarah & Jason's Wedding yesterday. They are a beautiful couple that just by being them you can see right away how much they L-O-V-E eachother. The were always holding hands and enjoying time with their family and friends of which many came from out of town and overseas for this great event!

Thank you Sarah & Jason! It was a blast...I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the images to come...I know I always found myself excited to work with you and create amazing images! You have been such a joy to work with!

Thank you again and congratulations you two...enjoy Hawaii!



Thursday, July 17, 2008


Viva Las Vegas!
Well I have arrived back on the east coast after about 8 sunny, sweaty days in Las was a wopping 115 Degrees there usually and sometimes it felt like that was only in the shade...I wanted to take the time to share some snaps with you from the trip...I really had a blast and my bud Ryan made me feel right at home, by the time I left he said "next time you can show other people around like a local, since you have been almost everywhere in the city." We were on and off the strip. We played at some of the casinos, learned the ins and outs of roulette from my friends who came in from Arizona. I did some fun photography and two nights before I left we hiked red rock national park to watch the sun come up over Las Vegas...simply beautiful. Ryan is a chef at the Bellagio casino in a restaurant called "Fix". The week I was there both Cameron Diaz and Shaq came to dine there. Unfortunately I was not at the casino to get a photo op with them...but perhaps one days I'll be rich and famous and they will want a picture with me...:-) a girl can dream right? Any ways enjoy the hand full of pictures I have selected. Hope you all have a safe, happy, healthy and cool week! I'm back to shooting weddings this weekend! Sarah and Jason get married on Saturday! Can't wait to work with them...the pictures will be awesome I'm sure...I'll be sure to post some of the best takes here after the wedding!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vegas - Paris Hotel Pastries!

Hello All!
I know it's been a bit since I have posted a blog but I have been doing a bit of travling. I have been in Las Vegas for the last 6 days or so. It has been fun to explore an adults fun pleasure city...There are things for kids to do but mostly for BIG kids. I have seen limos, fast cars, pretty people and magic shows. I treated myself the other day to one of the prettiest pastries I could find at a pastry shop in Paris Casino down on the "Strip" :-) Even though I couldn't share it with all of you I hope that you can get a sense of how very tasty it was with my complimenting latte. i love chocolate and there you go...

More to come from vegas in the next few days so check back often!

Thanks - Blessings