Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Portraits!!!!

So here are a few more for the night, cause I love getting to display new work...plus I know you like getting to see it. I can feel my style changing and evolving I'm just not sure what it is going to turn into...But it's exciting to watch it and see what happens. Thanks to all who support me in all that I do every day!


Photos for Couples

Hey all! Hope you are all doing well on this Tuesday evening. Just thought I would share some new images with you that I did today! A couple of my friends were nice enough to let me point my glass at them for about an hour or so. Hope you all enjoy...I know we did taking them.

Stay well and look for more ASAP!


Friday, April 25, 2008

New Self Portraits

Hello All!
I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend last week, a great week this week and tonight is the start of an amazing weekend for sure! I will be down on the South Side of Bethlehem for the Spring on 4th, What's on 3rd Celebration & Annual Chili Cook Off! I will be providing visitors with FREE pet portraits. Clearly the new photos I just posted with this blog are not pet photos...but I felt like messing around with my camera today and doing some new self portraits. A bit at the request of a friend, but yes even the photographer needs pictures of themselves...So have told me I take to many, but then again it's hard to get anyone to take pictures of me. Unless you're Ryan capturing silly photos of me at random chip and putt sessions. ;-) None the less I love it all the same. Photography is amazing! It captures things that otherwise we would miss perhaps . I love the first picture on here where I got the chance to mix the blue light with the white light from the indoor light. It is really neat when you get the chance to mix light and pull colors into your photos that you would not otherwise know were there.

Feel free to leave a comment or two, or just enjoy the new postings! have a happy, healthy, summer weekend! And if you are in the area get your pets and you down to see me in bethlehem, look for the puppy dog flag @ Wadsworth & Co.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Washington DC

This week I had the privilege of being able to visit our nation's capital with some of my favorite people, my friend Brandon and my friend Jim. We walked all of the monuments that we could in the center of town. My goal was to photograph some new places, faces and spaces. It was a great way to revive the senses while providing photography tips for Jim, as he was working on an assignment for his new photography class. It was a wonderfully sunny, warm day that made you want to do anything but go back inside.

Take a moment to smell the roses every once in a while. Even if it means taking a day off of work to do so. You never know what you might find. Or you might just wish you were the bird splashing around in the fountain in the WWII memorial that I found.

Either way just don't forget to live!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Headshots for an actress

I recently had the privilege of working with actress, Krystyna Hutchinson. She asked me to shoot some new fresh head shots for her. Here are just a few of the shot we took that day. She was truly a pleasure to work with. I look forward to also having the opportunity to work with her again perhaps with her great curly hair look! Thanks again Krystyna! I wish you all the luck in the world!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Come one come all for FREE PET PHOTOS
*Drawing for free custom on location/In-Home Photo sessions*

APRIL 26th from 12pm-4pm
Wadsworth and Co.
3rd Street South Side Bethlehem, PA

Bring any and all Furry Friends for FOTOS!

This is in Conjunction with:
Spring on 4th...What's on 3rd Celebration
The Annual Chili Cook-Off

Be there and be part of the FUN!